How To: Network Effectively

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The art of networking is often one of the trickiest skills to learn as a recent grad or student. Networking can often feel awkward and insincere. However, building a professional network is incredibly important – especially for those of us in the beginning stages of our career. Knowing the right people can often come in handy when it comes to finding internships, jobs, and other important professional opportunities. So, with that all said, how can you network more effectively?

If you are attending a networking event…

  • Bring plenty of resumes and business cards. Keep these on hand, but tucked away in a folder (or something similar) so that they are not distracting, but still easy to reach.
  • Bring a pen/pencil to make note of any important information someone might give you, or in case someone runs out of business cards and you need to jot down their contact…

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Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide


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Happy Valentine’s Day guys! In honor of the holiday, I decided to make a Valentine’s Day guide about what cosmetic products you can use to easily achieve three different beauty looks for a special date or party tonight!

1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in Red Muse

2. They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit

3. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

4. Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Jet Black

5. Benefit’s Dandelion Blush

1. Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio

2. Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick in Tenderness

3. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero

4. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

5. Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Sin/Casino

1. Benefit’s Watt’s Up! Highlighter

2. Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio

3. Benefit’s Benetint Cheek Stain

4. Boscia B.B. Cream

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose

What are your must-have beauty products for a special night out?

It’s Snowing! Yummiest Hot Chocolate Recipe Round-Up


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So it’s another snow day in Washington, D.C.! I haven’t left my place yet but from what I can tell from the windows, there’s a good 10-12 inches on the ground right now, which is A LOT for this area. As a native of this area, this winter has been especially rough… even though every once in a while we’ll get a “big” snowstorm like this, it’s generally preceded by relatively mild weather. But that’s clearly not the case this year – which has been exceptionally cold and snowy for the D.C. metro area.

While I’m (so!) ready for some warm weather, I’m happy to have a day off from school. In honor of this snow day, I’ve compiled a list of fun and yummy hot chocolate ideas to try out.

1) Cherry Vanilla Hot Chocolate: How delicious does this hot chocolate look? This recipe involves cherry liqueur but for those of you who are too young for alcohol (or prefer your hot chocolate without it), you can substitute grenadine instead. I found this awesome recipe on Shutterbean, so visit the site for step-by-step instructions on how to make it!

2) Nutella Hot Chocolate: I don’t know about you guys, but Nutella is one of my favorite things EVER. That stuff is amazing and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m known to sit around eating copious amounts of it straight from the jar (Because honestly, do you really need to eat it with anything else? It’s perfect on its own!). This hot chocolate is incredibly easy to make–all you need is some vanilla extract, milk, and nutella! I found this recipe on the Clara Persis blog.

3) Mexican Hot Chocolate: For those of you who are looking for a little spice, this is the perfect hot chocolate for you! This recipe features nutmeg, cinnamon, almond extract and allspice…and it’s completely delicious. For instructions on how to make this decadent hot chocolate, visit Andrew Zimmern’s website.

4) Coconut Hot Chocolate: How amazing and decadent does this hot chocolate look?! It reminds me of thick, sipping chocolate. Coconut fans can find this delicious recipe on the How Sweet It Is website.

What’s your favorite go-to warm beverage for the snowy, winter months?

Easy, Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats


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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d compile a list of my favorite Valentine’s Day treats – with a healthy twist. While Valentine’s Day is generally all about chocolates, sweets, and candy, I thought I’d share a few (somewhat) healthy (but still festive!) ideas for the upcoming holiday.

1) Hummus Hearts: Any kind of bread with hummus is one of my favorite “easy” snacks. This is a cute and simple appetizer idea for any of you hosting a Valentine’s Day party. Here is a quick recipe for homemade hummus.

2) Heart-shaped Melon Kabobs: How yummy do these melon “kabobs” look? I found this idea on the Munchkins and Mayhem blog and it’s super easy to do. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create the melon hearts and then place 3-4 of them on a Popsicle stick…and voila, melon kabobs!

source: unknown

3) Mismatched Apple Hearts: How adorable are these?! Super easy to create! All you need is one red apple and one green apple – cut out a heart in each one and then switch.

4) Heart-shaped Sushi: Brown-rice-and-carrots sushi is a cute and healthy alternative to traditional and sugary Valentine’s Day snacks. Here’s the recipe.

5) XOXO Salad: Cut out cheese Xs and Os for a fun Valentine’s Day-themed salad.

The Friday Five


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My amazing meal at Rajdhani’s Rasovara in Mumbai, India!

1) Indian food: Have I mentioned how much I love Indian food? I LOVE spicy food, so Indian cuisine has always been a favorite of mine. The meal above is from Rasovara, a restaurant I visited when I was in Mumbai, India. It was completely delicious! I can’t name everything on the plate, but it was all yummy, especially the chocolate samosa (left corner)! I’ve been craving Indian food all week, so I think I might need to make a visit to Rasika this weekend.

source: unknown

2) Get Rid of Toxic Friendships: After reading this article on Elite Daily, I’ve been thinking a lot about the friends I have. I don’t think I have any toxic friendships in my life right now but there was a time where I did–and she was my “best” friend at that point. We were best friends from elementary school till college… but the friendship was always volatile and tumultuous.

It was very much a love-hate type of friendship. On some days, we were the best of friends, while others, we couldn’t stand each other. We stuck together (for some unknown reason) even though we were always in competition with each other. Eventually, we ended our friendship in college. Strangely enough, despite the numerous dramatic fights we had as teens, the actual death of our friendship was quiet and gradual. We drifted apart and now–apart from being Facebook friends–have no contact with one another.

Now that I look back on it, I’m thankful that we ended our friendship on a (relatively) good note instead of a big blow-up. At the end of the day, we weren’t healthy for each other. You shouldn’t fight constantly with your friend or be secretly happy when they’re down in the dumps. You shouldn’t be constantly in competition, waiting to one-up each other. That’s not what friendship is about. And no one should tolerate that kind of friendship in their life. While it seems normal when it’s happening–or even in some twisted way, “fun” because you want that person to see how awesome you’re doing–it’s not normal and it takes a lot out of you, without you even realizing it.

source: unknown

3) Kate Spade Bow Heels: How adorable are these Kate Spade bow pumps? I’m completely in love with them, even though they seem rather impractical (where am I going to wear sparkly, pink bow shoes?!). That doesn’t stop me from loving them, though.

Sprinkles cupcakes!

Sprinkles cupcakes!

4) Sprinkles Cupcakes: While the words “D.C.” and “cupcake” usually conjure up the image of Georgetown Cupcakes, I’m rather partial to another D.C. cupcake store–Sprinkles! Their store is located in Georgetown too (they are actually a stone’s throw from Georgetown Cupcake) and the best part? There (usually) isn’t ever a line there! Which, for me, is a pretty big plus! Also, excuse my half-eaten Dark Chocolate cupcake–I couldn’t resist!

source: unknown

5) Pastels: How gorgeous are these pastel colors?! I’m pretty sure I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been trolling the Internet lately for interior decor ideas for my new apartment. And while I’ve been thinking of all all white and grey color theme for my place, this picture has made me really (REALLY) want to incorporate some soft pastels (and maybe some hot pink/orange too?). Even though there are so many different colors in the picture, it all looks beautiful and perfect together.

I really want to create an open, bright, clean and “fresh” feel in my new place and these colors are doing exactly that! I guess I might have to re-think what I originally had planned in terms of color scheme now.

Manage Your Time Effectively


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As most of you (might) know, I am a law student. Going straight from undergrad to law school was a BIG adjustment. I can honestly say that I have already done more studying/reading in law school than I did in all four years of undergrad.

So, while I have never been particularly good at managing my time—I’m the queen of procrastination—it didn’t effect me until I entered law school and realized that if I was going to get all of my work done and done right, I would need to manage my time efficiently.

I’m a big fan and avid reader of Alison Monahan’s law school blog, The Girl’s Guide to Law School. Alison is a 2006 graduate of Columbia Law and generally gives out solid advice for all of us struggling law students out there. I recently came across a blog post of hers on effective time-management, which focuses on spending less time working, while getting more done.

The three time-management strategies she proposes are: The Circles, The Units and The Buzzer.

While you can read more about The Circles and The Units methods on her blog, I want to discuss The Buzzer for a minute—I personally find it to be the best method of the bunch.

It’s simple. Figure out what task(s) you need to get accomplish and set a timer for 45 minutes to an hour (if the task will take longer than that, it might be a good idea to split it into two). Until the time is up, you’re stuck there working on whatever you need to do—no Internet browsing, no email checking, no texting, no coffee breaks, no nothing.

Another technique that I’ve found works well in conjunction with The Buzzer is finding an uncomfortable space to work in [you don’t have to make yourself miserable, but something as simple as a non-comfy chair or chilly room will suffice] and telling myself that I can’t leave until I’m finished with my assignment. This way, I’m not tempted to just lounge around but instead, I am motivated to get stuff done so I can leave.

How do you manage your time effectively and ward off the temptation to procrastinate?

J.K. Rowling: Ron and Hermione Shouldn’t Have Ended Up Together?


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So has anyone else read about J.K. Rowling’s recent revelation in an interview with Wonderland (Emma Watson is the guest editor of the publication this month)? Rowling has created quite a bit of buzz by admitting that she should have paired Hermione with Harry instead of Ron.

In the interview, Rowling said that she wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a “form of wish fulfillment” for reasons that “had very little to do with literature,” adding that the fictional couple would have needed “relationship counseling.”

I must admit, I was a big Harry Potter fan back in the day and adore the series. And as someone who read the books quite thoroughly, I have to be honest that I am pretty surprised by Rowling’s confession.

The Hermione/Ron pairing had always felt quite straightforward and obvious to me, whereas Hermione/Harry seemed like brother and sister. They would do anything for each other but there was never any romantic chemistry there. And it was refreshing that for once, there were three main characters that were not in a love triangle, but instead just best friends. And it was great that the main character, Harry, didn’t have to “fight” with another guy to “win” the girl.

Hermione and Ron getting together in the end always seemed like the logical and organic result of all their previous interactions. So, I’m definitely curious to read more of Rowling’s comments about the pairing in the Wonderland publication to try and understand why she felt Harry and Hermione would have been a better couple (and what would happen to Ginny, in that case?).

Is anyone else a Harry Potter fan? What do you think about Rowling’s revelation that she wished she had paired Harry with Hermione instead?

Home Sweet Home: 5 Things to Brighten Up Your Place


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Inspired by an article in Elite Daily about the “8 Things Every 20-something Woman Needs in her Apartment,” I decided to write my own blog post about super cute home décor items that will brighten up anyone’s place.

Given that I’m going to be moving to a new place in a few months, I’ve been scouring the Internet for fun, little things that will make my new apartment feel more “homey” and comfortable without breaking the bank. Here are my top 5 picks.

1) Ashley Brooke Designs Coffee Mugs: How adorable are these coffee mugs? I found a picture of these mugs on Pinterest and had to investigate further as to where I could buy one (or more!). Honestly, they are a little out of my budget at $23 per mug, but I think I might indulge myself and buy one sometime in the future. Mornings are always tough, so it would be nice to have a cute mug like this on hand to put a smile on my face for those 9am classes!

source: photographed by stephanie stanley

2) Bar carts: I absolutely love the idea of having a cute bar cart. And the best part is that there are so many easy, cheap ways to set up a pretty bar cart at home. Babble has a list of 10 DIY bar cart ideas, which are all great. And A Beautiful Mess has a helpful article on how to stock a bar cart.


3) Candlestick Candy Jars: I’m really in love with these candlestick candy jars. They’re easy to make and I think they would add a nice burst of color to any room. Personally, I think these would be great on a table near the entryway or on a coffee table, because not only are they pretty, but also functional because guests can grab a piece or two of candy when they come over. Teal and Lime has a great blog post about making these candlestick candy jars, if you’re interested. (Also, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, these candlestick jars are perfect for storing other items, like q-tips or cotton balls).

4) Wine Bottle Lamps: These are so lovely, especially for the holidays or if you’re entertaining at your home. Unfortunately, these seem a little complicated to make (but Taste of Home has an article on how to make them, if you don’t mind a bit of a challenge).

5) Chalkboard: Making a chalkboard for your place is generally easy to do – you can use chalkboard vinyl (available at most crafts stores) or you can use chalkboard paint to create the chalkboard surface. Just add a nice frame and you have a cool, but functional piece of home decor. This is one item that I am really intent on having for my new place–I think it would be great to have on hand for to-do lists or inspirational quotes.

The Friday Five


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1) The D.C. Metro Sucks: Even though I’m from the DMV (DC, MD, VA area), I’ve never had to use the D.C. metro as much as I have to now. And let me tell you: it sucks. It might not suck for the tourists or other D.C. residents that use alternate means of transportation, but for those of us stuck with the metro system for almost all of our transportation needs? It’s awful. Especially since the line I ride the most–the red–is always experiencing a delay of some variety. It’s come to the point where I literally add an extra 10-20 minutes to my commute time, because I just expect that in one place or another, I will get delayed by the metro.

But yesterday’s commute was, by far, my worst experience with WMATA ever. I was delayed for an entire 20 minutes at Bethesda, offloaded TWICE (in the span of 10 minutes!), got stuck in a tunnel for another 10 minutes, and then, was offloaded once again, but this time, I was basically stranded at the metro station, with no shuttle buses going to my final destination. UGH. All I can say is that it is extremely frustrating that the metro rates keep going up, while the service gets worse and worse. Instead of trying to add new lines/routes, I wish the metro would focus on fixing and improving the ones that already exist.

2) More Snow Expected in D.C.: Will the cold weather ever end? We’re expecting more snow in the D.C. area this Monday. I am not happy. While I love winter (generally), this one is just getting to me. The single digit temperatures and the constant snow is awful. I know a D.C. winter might seem mild to those of you up north, but for someone who is native to the mid-Atlantic, it’s harsh. This is, by far, one of the worst winters I’ve experienced. While we sometimes get a foot of snow, it usually ends there–with one snow storm per winter, if we even get that much. The rest of the winter is in the 30s-40s, which is cold, but not unbearably so. But 5 degrees?! That’s where I draw the line, it’s too much for me. Thankfully, this weekend will be balmy in the 30s, but sadly, it’s supposed to cool down again later next week.

source: unknown

3) Let’s Go Somewhere: It’s been less than a month since my last trip overseas… and I’m already itching to go somewhere else. I’m so jealous of my friends that have the time and resources to travel all over the world. I just can’t wait until summer, when I can travel again. I’m not sure where I want to go yet (South Africa is high on my list though – so maybe I can make that happen for real?), but it all depends on my internship schedule and how much time I can take off. Regardless of where I end up going, I cannot wait. #impatientpeopleproblems

source: unknown

4) Friday Movie Night: I’ve decided to be low-key tonight and spend the evening indoors, with some popcorn and a good movie. Am I the only one who genuinely prefers cozy nights in, as opposed to wild nights out? Or am I just getting old at 22? I have no idea, but lately, I’ve just been loving the idea of being cozy at home, in my pajamas, with a good book/television show/movie and some yummy snacks. It’s just so relaxing to be by myself, sometimes, you know? Does anyone have any movie suggestions for me? I’m in the mood for either something funny, or maybe an action flick.

source: unknown

5) The Bow Obsession Continues: As you all, I adore bows in any form (but especially bow jewelry, if you couldn’t guess from the Madewell bow ring I featured in last Friday’s post). How adorable are these Kate Spade bow/pearl earrings? I’m completely in love with them!

Season 2 of My Mad Fat Diary


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A few months ago, I discovered (read: binge-watched) the gem that is My Mad Fat Diary, a British drama about Rae Earl, an overweight English teenager with a history of self-harm. The first seasons follows her journey as she returns home after being hospitalized and her quest for a somewhat normal life. The show follows her struggles with her mental illness, while she simultaneously deals with a changing home life, makes new friends, reconnects with an old one, and of course, develops crushes on boys.

Even though it has been a while since I was sixteen (6 years!) and I’ve never dealt with body image or self-harming issues myself, Rae is a thoroughly relatable character—you want to laugh with her and you most certainly cry with her at times.

The drama is actually based on the real Rae Earl’s teenage diaries, written in the 1980s and while it deals with difficult topics like mental illness and abortion, it tackles them with refreshing honesty. Unlike a lot of other television shows, it doesn’t cheapen tough issues for the “shock” factor, but instead handles them with genuine care. The characters are fleshed out, charming, and true to real life.

So when I saw the trailer for the second season (it will air sometime this February), I was naturally super excited. If you haven’t checked out the first season yet, definitely do so right away, so you can watch along when the second season airs! It’s only six episodes long and I promise it will be time well spent (and not just because adorably shy Finn is played by the gorgeous  Nico Mirallegro).