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Your work environment can have an enormous impact on how productive you are on  a daily basis. For me, a blah workspace leaves me feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and discouraged. Whether you work in an enormous corner office with a view, a cramped cubicle or a messy desk in your apartment, here are a few (quick and easy!) ways to create an inspiring workspace for yourself.

  • Snacks: Keep a drawer stocked with snacks of your choice, for the days that you need a quick energy boost. Granola bars or nuts/raisins are two good examples of snacks that will help you power through a long day, without feeling (too) exhausted.
  • Candy Jar: Speaking of food, it could be a fun idea to keep a clear jar of candy out on your desk. The bright colors of the candy will liven up your desk and encourage your coworkers to stop by and grab a piece every once in a while. Alternately, a vase of bright flowers might do the trick and brighten up your workspace too.
  • Daily To-Do List: Use a corkboard or dry-erase board to put up a daily “to do” list. Putting up a daily to-do list, instead of a weekly or monthly one will give you a chance to cross things off and feel productive, instead of overwhelmed by your work.
  • A Funny Quote/Joke: Tack up a funny quote or joke (office appropriate, of course!) to your cubicle wall or corkboard. It’ll remind you to smile even on tough, difficult days.
  • Colored Folders: These are much easier to organize than regular manila folders. You can use a color code system to better organize all of your files.
  • A Keyboard Wrist Rest: These can be super handy for keeping your wrist comfortable when you spend long hours on your computer/laptop at work (or at home).
  • Cleaning Wipes: A spotless, clean workspace is always inspiring—keep these handy for any time you feel like your desk could use a quick wipe down.

What can’t you live without in your personal workspace? Comment below and let me know what your must-haves are.