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1) The D.C. Metro Sucks: Even though I’m from the DMV (DC, MD, VA area), I’ve never had to use the D.C. metro as much as I have to now. And let me tell you: it sucks. It might not suck for the tourists or other D.C. residents that use alternate means of transportation, but for those of us stuck with the metro system for almost all of our transportation needs? It’s awful. Especially since the line I ride the most–the red–is always experiencing a delay of some variety. It’s come to the point where I literally add an extra 10-20 minutes to my commute time, because I just expect that in one place or another, I will get delayed by the metro.

But yesterday’s commute was, by far, my worst experience with WMATA ever. I was delayed for an entire 20 minutes at Bethesda, offloaded TWICE (in the span of 10 minutes!), got stuck in a tunnel for another 10 minutes, and then, was offloaded once again, but this time, I was basically stranded at the metro station, with no shuttle buses going to my final destination. UGH. All I can say is that it is extremely frustrating that the metro rates keep going up, while the service gets worse and worse. Instead of trying to add new lines/routes, I wish the metro would focus on fixing and improving the ones that already exist.

2) More Snow Expected in D.C.: Will the cold weather ever end? We’re expecting more snow in the D.C. area this Monday. I am not happy. While I love winter (generally), this one is just getting to me. The single digit temperatures and the constant snow is awful. I know a D.C. winter might seem mild to those of you up north, but for someone who is native to the mid-Atlantic, it’s harsh. This is, by far, one of the worst winters I’ve experienced. While we sometimes get a foot of snow, it usually ends there–with one snow storm per winter, if we even get that much. The rest of the winter is in the 30s-40s, which is cold, but not unbearably so. But 5 degrees?! That’s where I draw the line, it’s too much for me. Thankfully, this weekend will be balmy in the 30s, but sadly, it’s supposed to cool down again later next week.

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3) Let’s Go Somewhere: It’s been less than a month since my last trip overseas… and I’m already itching to go somewhere else. I’m so jealous of my friends that have the time and resources to travel all over the world. I just can’t wait until summer, when I can travel again. I’m not sure where I want to go yet (South Africa is high on my list though – so maybe I can make that happen for real?), but it all depends on my internship schedule and how much time I can take off. Regardless of where I end up going, I cannot wait. #impatientpeopleproblems

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4) Friday Movie Night: I’ve decided to be low-key tonight and spend the evening indoors, with some popcorn and a good movie. Am I the only one who genuinely prefers cozy nights in, as opposed to wild nights out? Or am I just getting old at 22? I have no idea, but lately, I’ve just been loving the idea of being cozy at home, in my pajamas, with a good book/television show/movie and some yummy snacks. It’s just so relaxing to be by myself, sometimes, you know? Does anyone have any movie suggestions for me? I’m in the mood for either something funny, or maybe an action flick.

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5) The Bow Obsession Continues: As you all, I adore bows in any form (but especially bow jewelry, if you couldn’t guess from the Madewell bow ring I featured in last Friday’s post). How adorable are these Kate Spade bow/pearl earrings? I’m completely in love with them!