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Inspired by an article in Elite Daily about the “8 Things Every 20-something Woman Needs in her Apartment,” I decided to write my own blog post about super cute home décor items that will brighten up anyone’s place.

Given that I’m going to be moving to a new place in a few months, I’ve been scouring the Internet for fun, little things that will make my new apartment feel more “homey” and comfortable without breaking the bank. Here are my top 5 picks.

1) Ashley Brooke Designs Coffee Mugs: How adorable are these coffee mugs? I found a picture of these mugs on Pinterest and had to investigate further as to where I could buy one (or more!). Honestly, they are a little out of my budget at $23 per mug, but I think I might indulge myself and buy one sometime in the future. Mornings are always tough, so it would be nice to have a cute mug like this on hand to put a smile on my face for those 9am classes!

source: photographed by stephanie stanley

2) Bar carts: I absolutely love the idea of having a cute bar cart. And the best part is that there are so many easy, cheap ways to set up a pretty bar cart at home. Babble has a list of 10 DIY bar cart ideas, which are all great. And A Beautiful Mess has a helpful article on how to stock a bar cart.

source: thewhoot.com.au

3) Candlestick Candy Jars: I’m really in love with these candlestick candy jars. They’re easy to make and I think they would add a nice burst of color to any room. Personally, I think these would be great on a table near the entryway or on a coffee table, because not only are they pretty, but also functional because guests can grab a piece or two of candy when they come over. Teal and Lime has a great blog post about making these candlestick candy jars, if you’re interested. (Also, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, these candlestick jars are perfect for storing other items, like q-tips or cotton balls).

4) Wine Bottle Lamps: These are so lovely, especially for the holidays or if you’re entertaining at your home. Unfortunately, these seem a little complicated to make (but Taste of Home has an article on how to make them, if you don’t mind a bit of a challenge).

5) Chalkboard: Making a chalkboard for your place is generally easy to do – you can use chalkboard vinyl (available at most crafts stores) or you can use chalkboard paint to create the chalkboard surface. Just add a nice frame and you have a cool, but functional piece of home decor. This is one item that I am really intent on having for my new place–I think it would be great to have on hand for to-do lists or inspirational quotes.