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So has anyone else read about J.K. Rowling’s recent revelation in an interview with Wonderland (Emma Watson is the guest editor of the publication this month)? Rowling has created quite a bit of buzz by admitting that she should have paired Hermione with Harry instead of Ron.

In the interview, Rowling said that she wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a “form of wish fulfillment” for reasons that “had very little to do with literature,” adding that the fictional couple would have needed “relationship counseling.”

I must admit, I was a big Harry Potter fan back in the day and adore the series. And as someone who read the books quite thoroughly, I have to be honest that I am pretty surprised by Rowling’s confession.

The Hermione/Ron pairing had always felt quite straightforward and obvious to me, whereas Hermione/Harry seemed like brother and sister. They would do anything for each other but there was never any romantic chemistry there. And it was refreshing that for once, there were three main characters that were not in a love triangle, but instead just best friends. And it was great that the main character, Harry, didn’t have to “fight” with another guy to “win” the girl.

Hermione and Ron getting together in the end always seemed like the logical and organic result of all their previous interactions. So, I’m definitely curious to read more of Rowling’s comments about the pairing in the Wonderland publication to try and understand why she felt Harry and Hermione would have been a better couple (and what would happen to Ginny, in that case?).

Is anyone else a Harry Potter fan? What do you think about Rowling’s revelation that she wished she had paired Harry with Hermione instead?