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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d compile a list of my favorite Valentine’s Day treats – with a healthy twist. While Valentine’s Day is generally all about chocolates, sweets, and candy, I thought I’d share a few (somewhat) healthy (but still festive!) ideas for the upcoming holiday.

1) Hummus Hearts: Any kind of bread with hummus is one of my favorite “easy” snacks. This is a cute and simple appetizer idea for any of you hosting a Valentine’s Day party. Here is a quick recipe for homemade hummus.

2) Heart-shaped Melon Kabobs: How yummy do these melon “kabobs” look? I found this idea on the Munchkins and Mayhem blog and it’s super easy to do. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create the melon hearts and then place 3-4 of them on a Popsicle stick…and voila, melon kabobs!

source: unknown

3) Mismatched Apple Hearts: How adorable are these?! Super easy to create! All you need is one red apple and one green apple – cut out a heart in each one and then switch.

4) Heart-shaped Sushi: Brown-rice-and-carrots sushi is a cute and healthy alternative to traditional and sugary Valentine’s Day snacks. Here’s the recipe.

5) XOXO Salad: Cut out cheese Xs and Os for a fun Valentine’s Day-themed salad.