30 BEFORE 30

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Here is a list of the 30 things I would like to accomplish before my 30th birthday.

  1. Try every flavor of cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake.
  2. Go zip-lining.
  3. Visit 10 new countries [current status: 4/10 complete]
  4. Take a trip with a friend.
  5. Buy an entire meal for someone who needs it.
  6. Perfect my winged liner.
  7. Run a 5k.
  8. Hot air balloon ride.
  9. Attend an inaugural ball.
  10. Learn how to cook a fancy meal to perfection.
  11. Become fluent in another language.
  12. Learn how to curl my hair.
  13. Finish law school.
  14. Pass the bar exam.
  15. Have a (legal) job that I enjoy.
  16. Get engaged and/or married.
  17. Travel somewhere alone.
  18. Bungee jumping.
  19. Party all night.
  20. Spend New Year’s Eve in another city/country [complete – 2013]
  21. Have an awesome apartment and/or condo, where I feel 100% at home.
  22. Throw a “grown up” dinner party
  23. Participate in a flash mob.
  24. Read (or reread) 10 classic novels
  25. Go paintballing.
  26. Learn how to shoot a gun.
  27. Ride a camel [complete – 2013]
  28. Buy a (nice) car for myself.
  29. Go ice-skating in Rockefeller Center.
  30. Throw myself an awesome 30th birthday party with all of my friends and family!

6 thoughts on “30 BEFORE 30”

  1. Lovely! Such a wonderful adventure ahead of you. I’m an avid traveler (30+ countries in my 26 years) so follow my blog for travel destinations and advice. I just started it yesterday but I keep posting – so many great adventures to share!!! Let me know what you think about it!

    • Wow, 30+ countries?! That’s amazing! I’ve traveled quite a bit but nowhere near 30 yet! Hopefully, I’ll get there in the next few years. I know it’s hard to pick but out of all the places you’ve visited, what has been your favorite?

      • That’s a tough question! I like different places for different reasons! A few trips I absolutely loved though: 1) Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, Argentina – we trekked the glacier for 4 hours. It’s blue, we had a clear sky and warm day. The photos I have there are unbelievable! 2) Harbin ice festival in China – near the border with Russia, it’s -30C there! Imagine real sized buildings completely made of ice and more. 3) Cabo Polonio in Uruguay – this is a hippie-feel beach with no electricity and with remote access. Best to go in a full moon period. The sky at night has been the best ever! Full of stars and can easily see the Milky Way. Truly breathtaking 4) Atacama desert in Chile – so many options in terms of trekking, visiting natural springs, sand boarding, etc. What I loved was the contrast in scenery. In one view you had the desert plus snow on the Andes in the backdrop. Incredible! I would suggest traveling alone to some of these and going on nature trips – it’s so refreshing and it’s time you dedicate to up yourself! Hope you make it to these! Which trip is next on your list?

      • Wow, all of those trips sound amazing! The next trip on my list is South Africa. Have you ever been? I’d also love to visit Morocco soon too. I was in Spain & Portugal over the winter holidays, but I didn’t have enough time (my school’s winter break is super short, unfortunately) to visit Morocco too, despite being so close.

      • Unfortunately not! Africa is a continent I have yet to go to! I’ve done Europe and Latin America a lot and a bit of Asia 🙂 any advice I can give you there let me know! I can’t wait to read about your travels! Yours was such a great blog find!

  2. A fun and challenging list! Your wish to ride in a hot air balloon put an idea in my head 🙂

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